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Devshayani Ekadashi : An auspicious day to Pray and Fulfill your DESIRES!

Devshayani Ekadashi ? Significance,? Mythology and Prayers

Occurrence as per Hindu Calender ?:Once in a year in Hindu month – Ashaad Maas on the 11th??(Ekaadashi) in Shukla Paksha.

In Gregorian Calendar, it is falling on 27th July 2015 this year.


It is believed that on this day Lord Vishnu goes to Yoga Nidra (Divine Sleep) for four months by giving his powers to Lord Shiva in his absence.? Bhagwaan Vishnu is the palak/ operator of the entire Sristi or World. He is believed to be present in all the auspicious ceremonies. No auspicious ceremony is performed during Hari Shayan. During the period of HARI SHAYAN for four months, Lord Shiva is worshiped predominantly. As per a belief, devotees offering prayers to Lord Shiva in this period ?get the blessing of Lord Vishnu too. ??Lord Vishnu wakes up ?from shayan (divine sleep) on Devotthan ?Ekadashi after which all ?auspicious ceremonies start getting celebrating. It is observed that lot many marriages take place on the day of Devotthan Ekadashi even if there is no Muhurata, because it is considered to be ?most ?auspicious.

Prayers 😕

In year in 2015 the Devshayani Ekadashi is falling in the Anuradha Nakshatra. The lord of this nakshatra is Saturn or Shani .? Lord Shani is the karaka ?of ?services, miseries, discipline etc. Keeping fast on the day of Harishayan Ekadashi is said to be very good for the native who have ill placed Saturn or going through ?Sade Saatis or ?Mahadashaas.

Other Names :??Hari Shayan Ekadashi, ?Padma Ekadashi, Aashaadi Ekadashi

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