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Vrat or Fasting – For Longevity and Good Health

What is Vrat/ Fast?
The literal meaning of?Fast or Vrat is?the ancient tradition in different religions to not eat anything for a day in order to please the respective deity and get the phalam/ blessing from them. Through vrat or fast a devotee depicts self control.

Process of keeping vrat or fast
Although different fasts have different guidelines attached to them on how to keep that particular fast or vrat but most commonly? in fasts the person is on liquid diet and can eat preferably fresh fruits.

Benefits of keeping fast

  • Health Benefits
    It?works as a detoxification therapy for the human body. It cleanses the body, mind and soul. All the junk food, inorganic items which we put into our system harms and imbalances our biological system. By keeping a fast for a day we are giving a break to our digestive system to restore itself.
  • Religious Benefit
    The main objective or purpose of keeping fast or Vrat is to please the Isht or God to bless ?us and fulfill the desired wish.

Who should not fast?
Fast or Vrat is not advisable for pregnant women, young children, diabetics and people suffering from sickness or any other serious ailment.

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Devshayani Ekadashi : An auspicious day to Pray and Fulfill your DESIRES!

Devshayani Ekadashi ? Significance,? Mythology and Prayers

Occurrence as per Hindu Calender ?:Once in a year in Hindu month – Ashaad Maas on the 11th??(Ekaadashi) in Shukla Paksha.

In Gregorian Calendar, it is falling on 27th July 2015 this year.


It is believed that on this day Lord Vishnu goes to Yoga Nidra (Divine Sleep) for four months by giving his powers to Lord Shiva in his absence.? Bhagwaan Vishnu is the palak/ operator of the entire Sristi or World. He is believed to be present in all the auspicious ceremonies. No auspicious ceremony is performed during Hari Shayan. During the period of HARI SHAYAN for four months, Lord Shiva is worshiped predominantly. As per a belief, devotees offering prayers to Lord Shiva in this period ?get the blessing of Lord Vishnu too. ??Lord Vishnu wakes up ?from shayan (divine sleep) on Devotthan ?Ekadashi after which all ?auspicious ceremonies start getting celebrating. It is observed that lot many marriages take place on the day of Devotthan Ekadashi even if there is no Muhurata, because it is considered to be ?most ?auspicious.

Prayers 😕

In year in 2015 the Devshayani Ekadashi is falling in the Anuradha Nakshatra. The lord of this nakshatra is Saturn or Shani .? Lord Shani is the karaka ?of ?services, miseries, discipline etc. Keeping fast on the day of Harishayan Ekadashi is said to be very good for the native who have ill placed Saturn or going through ?Sade Saatis or ?Mahadashaas.

Other Names :??Hari Shayan Ekadashi, ?Padma Ekadashi, Aashaadi Ekadashi

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Why Should I Pray?

Why Should Pray! A thought to believe in yourself!!!

Do You Know?

Why is one man sad and another man happy?
Why is one man joyous and prosperous and another man poor and miserable?
Why is one man fearful and anxious and another full of faith and confidence?
Why does one man have a beautiful, luxurious home while another man lives out a meager existence?
Why is one man a great success and another an abject failure?
Why is one speaker outstanding and immensely popular and another mediocre and unpopular?
Why is one man a genius in his work or profession while the other man toils and moils all his life without doing or accomplishing anything worthwhile?
Why is one man healed of a so-called incurable disease and another isn?t?
Why is it so many good, kind religious people suffer the tortures of the damned in their mind and body?
Why is it many immoral and irreligious people succeed and prosper and enjoy radiant health?
Is there an answer to these questions? YES Certainly!


What is prayer?

Prayer is the harmonious interaction of the conscious and subconscious levels of mind scientifically directed for a specific purpose.

Why should I pray?

Desire is prayer. Everyone desires health, happiness, security, peace of mind, true expression, but many fail to achieve clearly defined results.? Say if you have desire for perfect health, the ?power of desire?? or ?power of prayer?? would enable you fulfill your desire.

What do you believe?

It is not the thing believed in that brings an answer to man?s prayer; the answer to prayer results when the individual?s sub conscious mind responds to the mental picture or thought in his mind. This law of belief is operating in all religions of the world and is the reason why they are psychologically true. People from all religions may get same answers to their prayers, not because of the particular creed, religion, affiliation, ritual, ceremony, formula, liturgy, incantation, sacrifices, or offerings, but solely because of belief or mental acceptance and receptivity about that for which they pray.

The law of life is the law of belief, and belief could be summed up briefly as a thought in your mind. As a man thinks, feels, and believes, so is the condition of his mind, body, and circumstances. A technique, a methodology based on an understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing it will help you to bring about a subconscious embodiment of all the good things of life. Essentially, answered prayer is the realization of your heart?s desire.


Everyone Prays some time or the other

Do you know how to pray effectively?

How long is it since you prayed as part of your everyday activities? ?In an emergency, in time of danger or trouble, in illness, and when death lurks, prayers pour forth?your own and friends. You might have read in daily newspaper. It is reported that prayers are being offered up all over the nation for a child stricken with a so called incurable ailment, for peace among nations, for a nation just shaken by an earthquake. Later it is reported that when rescued people ?said that they prayed while waiting for rescue. An airplane pilot says that he prayed as he made a successful emergency landing etc..

Certainly, prayer is an ever-present help in time of trouble; but you do not have to wait for trouble to make prayer an integral and constructive part of your life. The dramatic answers to prayer make headlines and are the subject of testimonies to the effectiveness of prayer.

How to pray effectively?

Wonders happen when you pray effectively. A prayer done with a strong desire, belief and pious thought would certainly yield the desired results. It is a scientific way to tap the realm of infinite power within you enabling you to get what you really want in life. You desire a happier, fuller, and richer life. Begin to use this miracle working power and smooth your way in daily affairs, solve business problems, and bring harmony in family relationships.

What do you need to pray effectively?

  • Belief in GOD whichever religion you belong to.
  • A specified time to pray i.e every Sunday or every day before leaving office or every after coming back from office.
  • Some religious articles to take you closer to your belief i.e incense sticks , candles etc
  • The more you pray you will find that cosmic powers have been activated within you and you will thrive to achieve the task you desired and you will get it certainly.


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Havan Samagri

Havan Samgri

What is Havan Samagri?

Havan Samagri or Hawan Samgri is a mix of herbal roots, leaves and other sacred items dried and mixed in specified quantity as described in Vedas.

What is the use of Havan Samagri?

It is a sacred offering in hawan (a holy fire) after chanting the mantra each time along with cow ghee and other items. Significance of hawan samagri and vedic yagna is defined in Vedas.

Contents of the Hawan Samagri:

Hawan Samagri Ingredients are approximately 70.
Agar Wood
Bay Leaves
Cardamom Green
Dhawai Phool
Dry Coconut or Sookha? Nariyal
Dry Eucalyptus leaves
Guggal or Guggul
Harr or Harad
Indra Jau
Jara Kush
Jata Masi? or Balchhad
Kamal Gatta
Kapoor Kachari
Nag Keshar
Red Sandal Wood
Sandal Wood
Sugandh Bala
Sugandh Kokila
Sugandh Mantri
Tagar Wood
Talish Patra
Tej Bal Wood
Tomad Bee

How to make hawan samagri?

Dry the leaves and roots in a shadowed open space till the entire moisture is removed. Mix these together and grind the mixture.

What is Yagya, Yagna or Hawan?

Yagna disseminates positivity in micro form and purifies the air and remove negativity from the environment. It also works as disinfectant.

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Havan Samagri

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Worshipping your deity With Pure Pooja Items

People in India like to buy puja items to offer prayer to his/ her deity. offers Buy Authentic Pooja Items Online India. Place order to revere your God/ Goddess.

Worshipping your deity with pure pooja items offers eternal peace and joy. Hymn the name of your revered god is main path to spirituality. Tulsi mala is extremely important for it. Besides these malas, sphatika and Rudraksha mala can also be worn.

Pooja is an integral a part of Hindu culture and throughout the year, we tend to celebrate the pooja of various Hindu gods and goddesses. It is the only way to connect yourself to your inner soul and at the same time connect yourself to the god and gurus.

It entails the use of various numbers of materials. Varied spiritual and religious accessories embellish the mind with clean thoughts. A number of the foremost vital Pooja items embody god and god idols, diyas, garland, mukut, sculptures, camphor, puja thali, chandan, haldi, kumkum, bell, and many others.

The other religious or puja items like Rudrakshas, Panchpatra, Saligrama, dry fruits, and flower help make feel spiritually. Akshat is unbroken rice grains that are offered to god so as to achieve wealth and prosperity. They are offered to the deities while chanting. Bhasma or vibhuthi protects the user from health problem and evil by purifying him or her.

Puja things like incense sticks facilitate to create ambiance for spiritual forces in and around us. Ever since time immortal, incense has been accustomed kindle moods. The divine fragrance that are pervaded by dhoop incense sticks calm the mind and carry the spirits and enlivens the environment.

Incense sticks are one among the vital puja materials that unfold lovely aroma in your home and surroundings. These sticks will burn slowly with an excellent aroma and enduring presence which will augment the ambiance where you worshipping the God.

Kapur is regarded as the basic part of Hindu worship. It is a granular crystal obtained from the foundation, branch and leaf of the camphor tree by distillation method. It evaporates directly without leaving its traces. It is considered as in-born tendencies like ego. When such tendencies burn by the fire of knowledge, vasanas also leave us without leaving its traces behind.

Gomati chakra and Moti Shankh are a number of the Hindu prayer items that are considered as the symbols of growth and prosperity. They push back negativity and sanctify with abundance and sensible luck.

Are you looking to Buy Pooja Items Online India? There are several stores that offer religious and pooja items. ?is an online store offers the authentic pooja items intended to offer prayer to your deities.

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