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Vrat or Fasting – For Longevity and Good Health

What is Vrat/ Fast?
The literal meaning of?Fast or Vrat is?the ancient tradition in different religions to not eat anything for a day in order to please the respective deity and get the phalam/ blessing from them. Through vrat or fast a devotee depicts self control.

Process of keeping vrat or fast
Although different fasts have different guidelines attached to them on how to keep that particular fast or vrat but most commonly? in fasts the person is on liquid diet and can eat preferably fresh fruits.

Benefits of keeping fast

  • Health Benefits
    It?works as a detoxification therapy for the human body. It cleanses the body, mind and soul. All the junk food, inorganic items which we put into our system harms and imbalances our biological system. By keeping a fast for a day we are giving a break to our digestive system to restore itself.
  • Religious Benefit
    The main objective or purpose of keeping fast or Vrat is to please the Isht or God to bless ?us and fulfill the desired wish.

Who should not fast?
Fast or Vrat is not advisable for pregnant women, young children, diabetics and people suffering from sickness or any other serious ailment.

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