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Shraad: Meaning, Tithi & Significance

The word Shraad have orginated from Sanskrit language, which signifies “anything finished with earnestness and confidence? . Shraad in simpler terms symbolizes our ancestors. The entire thought of it is to recall our predecessors with appreciation. “Shraad” likewise signifies “Shraddha” which implies genuine adoration. It?is performed upon the commemoration of the deceased relative according to the Panchang (The Hindu Calendar) or amid the time of dark fortnight called Pitra Paksha. Pitra Paksha is considered the best time to pay gratitude to the ancestors . Only after completion of this time period all the auspicious activities start taking place and ?the Hindu festivals start getting celebrated.

Month: Krishna Paksha of Ashwin Month (?Hindu month )
Begin: From Fullmoon i.e. Purnima
End: Dark Night i.e. Amavasya
Dates for 2015: 28 September to 12 October

1. Deceased Ancestors who are present in the Pitru region by performing Shraad are given momentum with the goal that they can advance to a higher sub-plane of existence.

2. Fulfilling wishes and longings of the demised ancestors from ones’ family who are caught in the negative locales because of unfulfilled yearnings and giving energy for their further advance.

Significance and Benefit:
The custom of Shraddha repays our obligations towards ancestors, as well as it is a way to repay debts towards God and Sages. For all what we have received from our ancestors is repaid?by virtue of our actions. Shraad creates a link between God & Sages and we try to please them by performing such noble gestures and rituals. With this we are basically helping our ancestors in attaining the final freedom. By performing the custom of Shraad, we are getting support ?from Vasu, Rudra and Aditya (Vasu implies goals, Rudra implies disintegration and Aditya implies brilliance or activity) and hence can give momentum to our deceased forefathers and can get blessing from the God in return.

According to the Mahabharata, Karna?s soul was sent to heaven upon his death.? But over there he was offered only gold and silver ornaments in place of food. He went to the Lord Indra, where he asked the reason for this. Lord Indra said that in his life on Earth he only donated gold and silver ornaments to the people in need but food was never donated by him for his ancestors. In response Karna said he was not aware of his ancestos so Lord Indra gave him 15 days to go back to Earth to offer food for his ancestors. In order to fulfill his desire Karna performed Shraadh rituals for his ancestors on Earth.

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