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Why Us?

India is a country of various cultures & diversities where all religions are valued equally. Indians consider religion as a routine in their mundane daily activities, be it a daily prayer or performing a occasion based ritual. Festivals add vibrant energy to life which includes offering prayers, greeting each other, eating feast and so on. Sincere faith is the foundation of any festival based on mythological background, right methodology to offer the prayer with pre-described items. Process and selection of right items to offer prayer becomes critical in case of the absence of right information and guidance of a senior family member.  In the age of modernization & business,  it is not easy to pick and choose the items from multiple places. Therefore, It is desirable that a ready solution to the situation is available. 

Divine Store is a one stop solution for all the needs regarding performing the rituals, festivals, ceremonies for all religion. Assembled / customized kits for different rituals/ festivals are available on the store. So next you wish you wish to Buy a Puja Kit, Namaz Kit, Sikh Kit, Friday Prayer Mats or Diwali Puja Kit and many others. Shop at our website!  

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